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Are you excited about your journey to a unique place where you will hold a glass of wine and admire the beauty of the countryside? You will get a chance to taste delicious and organic wines in our modern tasting room. The wine-food pairing of local products of the Calabria region will be served alongside wines.
The tour also includes a guided visit to charming vineyards by horses or winery tractor. You will get enriched with knowledge the staff gives about our production processes. We will also explain their criteria for choosing only high-quality grapes to produce unique wines. A guided visit to the cellar will reveal a lot about our pruning, aging and bottling stages. Our family company also offers B&B facilities to guests who want to stay overnight.
A visit at Tenute Pacelli for a Wine Tasting and Tour experience is something you don’t want to miss. Book easy via our platform (link in HOSPITALITY / WINE & OIL TASTING) and get instant confirmation right after.


Magliocco and Calabrese (Nero d’Avola) are two of our native vines. Hence the production of these three wines that we vinify in purity or in blend, aged in stainless steel and bottle or in wooden barrels and bottle. An emotional journey through an unforgettable multisensory experience.




Not only native, but also the oldest vines of the company. From here come the Zio Nunù, the first Bordeaux-style cut in the Calabrian style, and the Pauciuri, that is Barbera and Magliocco. Flanked by Tèmeso, by Magliocco and Calabrese. A confrontation between titans, absolute protagonists of our estate.




The idea was born to produce a Champagne method sparkling wine: hence the (risky) choice of Riesling. Hence a great wine, Zoe, the most awarded and appreciated. And the White Baron, the firm version of him. The experience includes a vertical of vintages of both white and sparkling wine.


The tasting of extra virgin olive oil is a unique experience that actively involves the senses. It is precisely the sense of smell and taste that lead us on a sensory journey made of emotions, of dormant memories that will bring to mind the images of the warmth of the spring sun and the scents of the Calabrian countryside. The offer is not simply a tasting but a real journey to discover the cultivars of the area.