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Just 40 minutes from the sea (both the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas), the apartments are immersed in the vineyards and the olive trees of the family estate. The spacious interiors are customized with designer furniture and antiques. For a country-chic stay in total relaxation, immersed in nature, tasting organic products produced by the company at km 0.


Located only 40 minutes from the sea, the flats are surrounded by the vineyards and olive groves of the family estate. The roomy interiors have been personalized with design pieces and period objects. For a “country chic” stay that allows you to truly relax, surrounded by nature while you enjoy organic, farm-to-table products. The recently renovated colonial home has two levels. The ground floor has one apartment with a double room, along with a private kitchen and bath. The upstairs offers views on three sides, overlooking both the vineyard as well as the old eighteenth-century hunting lodge. The first floor has been divided up into three flats that are fully furnished and offer all kinds of amenities. The first floor can host couples, and groups of friends and families of four to six people. The entire structure, with the outside walls in antique rose masonry, features the old exposed beams from the nineteenth century. The interiors have been taken care of down to the smallest detail, with objects and mementoes from the noble La Costa family, which once owned the entire estate. These mementos include period photographs of the vineyard and portraits of Gaetano and Ludovico La Costa riding horses around the estate or in front of the hunting lodge, which is being renovated today. All of the flats are furnished with chairs and pieces from the early twentieth century, which have been carefully chosen by the women of the Pacelli family. The result is a “country chic” atmosphere to be enjoyed along with Francesco and Clara, and their daughters Carla and Laura.