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Our olive groves are located just a few metres from the vineyard, and have eastern exposure. We have more than 2,000 plants that are about 15 years old. Nearby, there’s the private olive mill that boasts new equipment. Considering how close the mill is, we are able to press the olives the same day they are harvested, and this guarantees a product of exceptional quality. The solar panels used on the olive mill represent an important innovation that has to do with the respect for the environment underpinning our company philosophy.
What’s more, after we carry out the pressing of the olives, typically around mid-November, we reuse the pomace (a byproduct of the olive oil extraction process that is made up of the skins, pulp residue and pit fragments) as fuel for the main boiler, which can be used for heating water and heating the flats for guests of the estate. 
Pure, organic extra-virgin olive oil (0.34 acidity) is obtained from Roggianella, Carolea and Ogliarola Messinese cultivars. Our oil has an intense green colour, and with its scents of leaves and citrus, it is an excellent expression of Calabria, and specifically the province of Cosenza, which is recognized as one of the best areas in Italy for making extra-virgin olive oil.